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Food Certifications

Food Production Certifications

The Boyette family maintains several accreditations and certifications on both our farm Rock Ridge Farm and our packing center Boyette Brothers Produce. We acquired these designations voluntarily and prior to constriction of our packing house because our family believes in agricultural processes that not only align with preserving the environment, but that foster long-term growth and quality. Our certifications range from ethical labor and safe processing, to sustainable food production and organic farming.

Tesco Nurture
Global GAP
USDA Organic

The NURTURE Standard is regulated by the Ethical Trading Initiative as part of Tesco, a multinational grocery retailer. The NUTURE Standards are globally uniform, which means our practices meet the same standards as those of growers all over the world. We pass an annual assessment of our worker safety and ethics to maintain certification, which helps retailers, distributors and the food service industry recognize our trustworthy business practices.

GLOBALG.A.P. recognizes Good Agricultural Practice on a worldwide scale for sustainability and safety. This organization and the Boyette family both have a vision for farming practices that have long-term positive impacts on the world. Our farm was one of the first farms in Wilson County to become GLOBALG.A.P. certified, and we were certified before it became mandatory for all exporters.

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The HACCP Alliance manages multiple accreditations for various areas of the food production industry. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) provides a global industry standard for food safety.

The United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Certified Organic label is one of the most recognized certifications. Organic certification is only granted by the USDA to farms that meet stringent standards, some including: no use of pesticides for at least 3 years prior to certification, no pesticide use while certified (or risk losing accreditation), and pass routine inspections. Every step of production and distribution benefits from this practice. Our sweet potato farm practices reduce the impact of chemical exposure on workers and the environment, our buyers can market and charge a higher premium for organic produce, and consumers enjoy supporting an environmentally-conscious farm while limiting their consumption of foods grown with pesticides.

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Sustainability Philosophy

The Boyette family has been conscientious in upholding sustainable farming practices since the farm started in the 1920s. We rely on the environment and we remain a steward in preserving natural resources. This mindset and personal value helps ensure profitability and sustainability for our future.

We regularly implement a crop rotation to control nematodes, support weed control, and reduce pesticide use. We also work closely with a private agronomist and consultant, which allows us to maximize yield and quality while minimizing cost.

Our philosophies attract buyers who share the same perspectives and values. Contact our produce marketing team to discuss more about how our designations help set our crops apart from others.