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Sweet potatoes not only provide many health benefits, beyond those noted below, they are sweet. When used in recipes, the natural sweetness in sweet potatoes minimizes the need to rely on refined and processed sugars. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a medium-sized potato has more calories, carbohydrates, and less fiber and calcium than a sweet potato of the same size.

Sweet Potatoes are packed with loads of health benefits including...

Beta Carotene

Converts to Vitamin A to support vision, bone development and immune function.

Complex Carbohydrates

Provides sustained energy throughout the day.

Vitamin C

Helps increase fat burning potential, heal wounds and absorb iron.


Satiates appetite longer and regulates digestion.


Balances blood pressure and supports growth of muscle tissue.


Promotes nutrient absorption, thyroid function, and bone development.

North Carolina Sweet Potato Heritage and Facts

Sweet potatoes have a positive reputation, both in nutrients and in their connection with North Carolina history.

North Carolina is #1. According to the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission (NCSPC), our state supplies over 50 percent of our nation's sweet potatoes - and the majority of the produce is grown where our farm is located in Eastern North Carolina. Our state has been the top sweet potato grower since 1971.

State Vegetable. The sweet potato has been North Carolina's official state vegetable since 1995.

Common Misconceptions

Sweet potatoes are yams. Yams are root vegetables that are rough, scaly, and are low in beta carotene. Sweet potatoes have a smoother texture and have a high concentration of beta carotene. The USDA's food labeling requirements impose labels with 'yam' to appear with 'sweet potato' and this causes the confusion between the two.

Avoid the fridge. According to the NCSPC, storing sweet potatoes in the refrigerator changes the taste (unfavorably). Use a dry, ventilated storage container.


The versatility of this vegetable allows for dishes that can be sweet or savory.

Explore and share these sweet potato recipes.

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Yummy Sweet Potato Fries

Recipe developed by Emily Boyette.
Recipe: Yummy Sweet Potato Fries

North Carolina Sweet Potato Turkey Hash

Recipe courtesy of Chef Sara Foster of Foster's Market, Durham, NC for the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission.

Whether as a side dish or main course, this hash fits in at brunch or dinner. Simply omit the turkey to make this a vegetarian recipe.

Recipe: North Carolina Sweet Potato Turkey Hash

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing, Blue Cheese & Pecans

Recipe by Elizabeth Karmel for the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission.

For those who like a little kick, the hot bacon dressing and blue cheese coating these sweet potatoes has a double kick.

Recipe: Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing, Blue Cheese & Pecans

Ginger Orange Sweet Potato Smoothie

Recipe courtesy of North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission.

As a meal replacement or a post-workout snack, this one-step no-cook recipe packs as much nutrition as simplicity.

Recipe: Ginger Orange Sweet Potato Smoothie