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Healthy Summer Ice Cream Alternative

Ice cream is a summer staple. While it's packed with calcium, it's also high in fat and processed sugar. When looking for a guilt-free ice cream alternative, many recipes rely solely on frozen naturally sugar-loaded fruits. Many people overlook sweet potatoes.

Healthy Summer Ice Cream Alternative
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Nutrient-Dense Dessert Choice

Sweet potatoes have natural sugars themselves, but sweet potatoes often have far less sugar than an equivalent portion of berries. Sweet potatoes also have more beta carotene and Vitamin A than most other fruits or vegetables, which not only help to preserve eye health, but also boost the immune system and support bone development. Nearly every characteristic of the sweet potato packs health benefits, even the high fiber content helps satiate hunger and improves digestion.

Sweet Potato Smoothie Recipe

In lieu of a standard ice cream milkshake this summer, opt for a nutrient-dense smoothie. This Sweet Potato Smoothie Recipe is a dairy-free ice cream alternative packed with protein and fiber. Between the almond milk, flax seeds, date, sweet potato and banana, you will be hard-pressed to find an equivalent traditional ice cream with as many nutritional benefits. It's also easy to make in advance and travels well, so you can enjoy it at home or anywhere your summer travels take you! Learn more nutrition facts about sweet potatoes.

Healthy Summer Ice Cream Alternative